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What is a digital video commercial?

A video commercial is an advertisement promoting a brand’s product or service on digital media. Such videos raise brand awareness, acquire new leads, and help increase customer retention and conversion. These videos are meant for digital channels like websites, social media and mobile apps.

Why are DVCs popular?

With the proliferation of digital marketing, it has become imperative that brands create meaningful and engaging content on digital media to interest, engage and grow their customers. They help you turn viewers into customers, on any budget. DVCs can get more purchases, subscribers, website visits and more.

There are 5 types of digital video ads:

  • YouTube Ads
  • Facebook and Instagram Video Ads
  • LinkedIn Video Ads
  • Ads on OTT and Streaming Services
  • Native Video Ads on your website

It is a corporate communication tool that includes a vast amount of creativity through the use of storytelling, an engaging message and a professional production.

How to create DVCs?

DVCs are popular because they are not always difficult or expensive, and all kinds of production styles, tools and techniques can work. In fact, a simple video shot on a phone might be the best way to showcase what makes your business unique.

Brands engage professional video production agencies like Orange Videos to create superior quality digital video commercials that share the right message, in the most engaging style to the right audience.

Steps involved in making a DVC:

A video commercial is a short hook to get the audience’s interest piqued about your product or service. Making it effective requires:

  • A script – choose the right tone, language and punchline.
  • Find the right voice and / or music to make it click
  • Select the right style – live action or animation
  • Let the production quality come through
  • Keep it simple and sweet

How to create a great DVC?

  • Make the first few seconds count – Most DVCs are usually shorter than 15 seconds. Which means every second counts. The first few seconds should hook the audience and tempt them to keep watching till they reach the CTA.
  • Highlight what makes your brand great – the key features and the key benefits only. The lesser, the better. Great ads focus on one aspect only – a new feature, reduced price, great offer. Don’t turn the ad into a boring explainer video.
  • Use a call to action – the CTA is the action you want the audience to take. Good ads always have a goal – app download, buy now, donate – it can either be filmed, voiced or added through graphics and text animation.

DVCs are a great way to engage your audience in a cost-effective manner. Whether your goal is to increase sales, or brand recognition, you’ll find digital video marketing to be a great addition to your strategy.