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Product Video

What is a product video?

A product video is an explainer video that demonstrates the features, the benefits and the workings of a product. A good product video does not just focus on the features of the product but also talks about the pain points that it solves for the customer. It makes its benefits clear and builds trust towards your brand, which drives sales.

What should be included in a product video?

A great product video starts with an engaging script. The below points help us create an impactful product video:

  • 1) A focus on the problem (and the solution)
  • 2) Keep it short and sweet
  • 3) Focus on one key feature
  • 4) Provide information and value
  • 5) Include a clear CTA

What industries can benefit from a product video?

If you have a physical product like machinery or an electronic equipment or even a software, a video communicates how it works in the real world. SaaS companies, medical device manufacturers, industrial equipment makers – almost anyone with a tangible or intangible product can benefit from a video. Our product videos successfully explain the new offerings in a way that consumers can quickly comprehend, giving them a reason to be interested.

What are the different types of product videos?

There are a wide array of ways of makingĀ product videos.

Physical products can be shot on camera in action. They are great for products that have attractive packaging or physical attributes that are best explained and better trusted if the way they work is actually shown on film.

Complex products can be shown through 2D or 3D animation. Because the animation is created gradually, while the explanation develops, it is a super-educational approach, ideal for hard-to-explain products or services.

Apps. software and digital services are best showcased through screencast – a digital recording of the computer screen used to show how a product works.

Where to use product videos in the sales funnel?

Product videos are typically placed at the bottom of the sales funnel – in the decision making stage. Product videos are meant to showcase the features of what you can offer and close the deal. A good product video will convince the hesitant buyer to try your solution.